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KARAASI is a family owned company specializing in the British cars. Jaguar, MG, Rover, Land Rover and Range Rover are the cars of which we have cared now almost forty years. We are located near Helsinki in Espoo Juvanmalmi

We offer also substitute cars during the service


We will provide original and well known high quality spareparts. We import spareparts from wholesale and special part dealers from UK. We have good relationship with all important sparepart companies in Finland. We have more than 7000 items in stock

Ecological spareparts !

To save environment and money, can be done also using parts from salvaged cars. Specially when the new part is not available in decent time or new part is not available at all


Picture of our visitors (cars and specialities)


Stories of cars repaired and tuned by us:
Story of Fred the Fire Truck
Fishing and Hunting Defender